A Way Out, A Way Up; A Convert Story*


As members of the church we all are converts. For those of us who were raised in active L.D.S. homes, at some point we could no longer lean on the testimony of others.  If we wanted to know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was, indeed, the true church of God, we took certain steps and the leap of faith required to study and eventually know for ourselves.  Also, this same process is utilized by people not raised in the church or in an active L.D.S. family.  Their background however, and more often than not, may make the journey forward even more challenging.  – Valerie J. Fulmer

Here is a beautiful testimony by a man not raised in the church.  His name is John Davis. He was baptized and confirmed a member this month, December 2016. –

john-davis“When I was asked to share my testimony of Jesus Christ I couldn’t turn it down. This is something my spirit wants to scream from a mountain top. I believe what has been occurring in my life is nothing short of a God given miracle.

I suffer from a disease called addiction. For many years it has destroyed my life in more ways than one. I was walking this earth alone, confused and in torment. After trying everything else, one day I reached out to an LDS website. I got in contact with missionaries who over the next few weeks taught me many things. After I repented, I felt the love of Christ. I felt like I could love myself again. I was given a revelation that everything would be OK. That God laid a path out for me. I know that it will be up to me to follow it every day. But, by doing so, my world will change. I will be blessed beyond what I can possibly imagine for the rest of my days. I was offered a way out from the confusion and harsh repetition which was my life for the past 17 years. I am blessed to be shown a way through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Three things that have helped me; prayer, scripture study and good works. I believe loving and doing good for others is our sole responsibility here on this earth. This unselfish perspective, I believe, is our true and natural state of being. By accepting the Holy Ghost into my heart, I can grow into the meekness of the heart of Christ. There is nothing more true to me, nothing more miraculous than the feeling of this love consume me. The commandments are also so important to me, not only to show my obedience to God but to bring order and happiness into my life. One day at a time I am led by my Heavenly Father. I am, to the best of my ability, living in the example of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful to have such a path. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

Source:  https://jesus.christ.org/testimonies/way-way-convert-story