Grant’s Story

(This story is re-posted with permission from Sister Phelon and Grant)  – There are few things more precious in the life of a missionary than conversion stories, especially the stories of their recent converts. Meet Grant. He had no faith in God prior to his moment of realizing in February that God existed. Since that time, his faith and testimony in Jesus Christ have increased tremendously and Sister Dodd and I have seen that transformation take place firsthand. Grant is the only member in his family and has made incredible changes in his life to more fully live the gospel. He faithfully reads two chapters of the Book of Mormon daily and is preparing for a full-time mission next summer. There is no greater joy than watching the miracle of the Atonement change the lives of people you love!

This is Grant’s story in his own words.

Testimony of the Book of Mormon: “So I started reading the Book of Mormon in late February and I finished it on May 25, 2014. I started off by reading a chapter a day, and started reading a couple chapters a day soon after. I loved reading it, but I didn’t fall in love with reading it.  Not yet at least. With my missionaries, reading became more enjoyable. Along with it being enjoyable, I started making so many correlations with the Book of Mormon. My life literally seemed to be written a century and a half ago. And once I realized that, all I wanted to do was finish, and finish I did. I love reading the Book of Mormon because I have truly fallen in love with it I can’t not read it. I know it’s true because it reflects my life, me, who I am. And with that I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.  I know God gave him the Book of Mormon so that he could change people, like you and me. And with these changes, I’ve become someone new, someone I’m proud to be. I love Jesus Christ and I know he’s my Savior. I know Heavenly Father loves all of us (because) he gives us this chance to find this book. I love this Book and with it I plan on bringing as many to (the) water as I can, and hopefully as many as I bring, that many will drink.”

Conversion story: “The weekend of valentines day was the weekend I found God. It was either that Sunday or the next Sunday that I finally went to church, for me. After that my faith just kind of took off. I met the two most amazing women in my life soon after. When I first met them, I was a little freaked out by how “Pro-Jesus” they were. Sister Phelon was a little weird and smiled literally all the time. Sister Dodd seemed overly happy and loved to make me cry while she was crying. As I continued to read my Book of Mormon everyday, pray, go to church, and meet with my missionaries, of course I became closer to Christ. I did agree to be baptized at my first meeting with my missionaries, and they loved that.  For the next two months, I met with my missionaries constantly. Literally everyday for three weeks before my baptism. But I also learned more about our Gospel and about Christ through my roommate Pedro. I was a little overwhelmed at times, but even the smallest amount (of) light from Jesus Christ can light up any room. As time went on I trusted my missionaries more and more. While waiting for my baptismal date, I would go out with my missionaries on some of their appointments with other investigators. I absolutely loved going and helping my missionaries in every and any way I could. Finally my baptism arrives. I get all dressed up in my Sunday best (of course) and head on over. When I first see my missionaries, Sister Dodd said something I’ll never forget. And I agree it was pretty odd. “Grant! YOU LOOK LIKE A MORMON!” Thanks I guess? After that though, we pretty much prepared for my baptism in a normal fashion. I will admit though, when it came time for pictures, I did everything I could to be a menace. Not one picture came out serious, to my knowledge. My good friend Nate baptized me, and I love him to death for it. Before and after my baptism, I was nothing but nervous. Everything did go normally of course, but I will never forget how loved I felt that day on April 12, 2014. From that day on, I’ve done everything in my power to stay as close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as I can. A friend once told me that the relationship I have with my missionaries will be like no other on this planet. I testify to the truth in that. Since my baptism, I’ve gone tracting, to more appointments, even to just handing out cards on UF’s campus with my missionaries. I do this because Heavenly Father asks for us to do two things, obey his commandments and serve others. I testify that the Book of Mormon is true, Jesus Christ lives and is my (S)avior and (R)edeemer. I will always live this Gospel, I promise you that. And with that I’ll give my testimony that because of Sister Dodd and Sister Phelon, I will have eternal life and happiness. They are my rock, and as long as we live, and even after, they will be my rock. I love them more than anyone else on this planet because of how they brought me unto Christ. And I say these things in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Alma 5, 18:34, 24, 26:5-7 3 Nephi 14:2-5 Mormon 8:20.”