Dear Mormon Converts Testify,

Good to see your testimonies.  As you are probably aware of now things aren’t so easy being LDS sometimes and you all have at one time or another had to re-evaluate your decision you made to be members.  I hope and pray for each and every one of you that you will stay strong regardless of what the adversary has put in your path!  Remember that in the Book of Mormon there were those that actually partook of the the “fruit” from the Tree of Life (in Lehi’s dream) and then saw those that mocked and pointed their fingers at those that did so.   Some fell away and were “ashamed”.

I was one of those that partook of that fruit, even being born under the covenant and served a mission to Madrid.  That was over 25 years ago and I left the church shortly after my return from the mission field.  Many of my brother’s and sisters also fell away, some also after having served their own missions.  It didn’t happen over night, but in time I was bitter and justified my departure from the teachings of the gospel.  I stopped living the commandments and led a very different life from what I had been taught.

I am a Harley guy, love my motorcycles among other things, but I always missed deep down inside those teachings of the gospel that at one time inspired me to knock on doors and testify of Jesus Christ.  More than 20 years later I began to pray again to be enlightened by the spirit of God.  I continued to pray, but still lived my hard life and my struggles of deep despair and restlessness led me to ride once for miles and miles and more miles untill I finally reached the tropical country of Costa RIca.  (I rode my bike alone from Alaska).  It was there I met my wife and had my prayers answered.  She was also inactive in the church and also had been praying for answers.  We were married and had a pretty good life, but not good enough untill we both were touched by the spirit after meeting with our local bishop who bore his testimony and shared his own personal experiences of conversion after having left the church.  In one week we will be celebrating our 7th anniversary being married and 1 year being sealed in the temple for eternity.

It is my testimony that the church is the only true church with all the keys and teachings of the primitive church that Jesus Christ himself organized and authorized to funcion in his name.  I know now that I was wrong for ever falling away, but also am grateful for my re-conversion.  There is no doubt in my mind that our Heavenly Father knows us profoundly just as our own parents know us or even better sometimes.  Great things come to those that show their love for our saviour by living his commandments, for without doing so we show little faith and without faith their is no grace for our salvation.  Stay strong and don’t let the dark side take over anything you value in your life!

Be charitable by actions and you will be blessed accordingly.  We are not among those that are all about “lipservice” and no action!  That makes it hard sometimes, but the outcome is totally worth it!  In the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ, Amen

P.S. I still ride by the way…as far as I know there is nothing that says in the scriptures that I can’t!