Carolyn Morrison


  I have always been a religious person. I met my husband in the fall of 2007 and got married shortly after onDec 1, 2007. My husband was born into the church but I was not.  Shortly after getting married the missionaries started coming over. After a few visits they asked me to pray about being baptized and I did. I got baptized Janurary 5, 2008. When I was dunked into the water during my baptism, I got this wonderful feeling (the same feeling I got when I prayed about being baptized). It was a very peaceful, warm, and calm feeling.

There have been numerous times after that where my life could have been taken if I didn’t listen to the Holy Spirit. One of those times I was driving on a road that had railroad tracks.  The little arms that come down when a train is coming was delayed but something told me to STOP…I stopped and the train was right there. If I didn’t listen, I probably wouldn’t be here. Another one of  those times, I was driving on a busy road (speed limit 55) when the gear shifter in my Manual Jetta stopped working right… couldn’t find a gear at all. I put on my hazards but was still afraid someone wouldn’t see it and hit me.  I was told to keep trying the gear shifter so I did & somehow I found 3rd gear and drove a good 45 minutes home in 3rd gear. I believe Joseph Smith was a true prophet and I believe Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet.

In the name of Jesus Christ…Amen.